Managed High-durability

Cloud Backup Space

Fully managed encrypted cloud backups on high-durability storage servers - 99.999999999% annual durability (11 nines!)


Up to 3 TB
  • 1 TB of monthly egress included (download)
  • Unlimited monthly uploads
  • Unlimited file deletions
$15.00 /TB/month
3 to 10 TB
  • 2 TB of monthly egress included (download)
  • Unlimited monthly uploads
  • Unlimited file deletions
$10.00 /TB/month
> 10 TB
  • Tailored egress to your needs
  • Unlimited monthly uploads
  • Unlimited file deletions
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Included in all plans


The backups are end-to-end encrypted, so only those with the encryption keys can access your data


We will use an incremental backup tool with deduplication so you don't have to upload your entire data every time


We don't enforce upper limits. You can backup as much data as your system can handle!


We will setup 3-2-1 backups for you for free if you commit to 1 year of cloud backups


Backing up data off-site can provide your team with a bit of freedom. By backing up to the cloud, you provide your data with protection from types of data loss including those caused by natural disasters, human error, or ransomware. While your organization may, unfortunately, have to deal with these issues, not having to worry about the protection of your data is one thing you can check off your list during times of crisis.

24/7 support

Disasters can happen at any time of the day, be it hardware failure, natural disaster, human error, cyber attack or something else. Our team is available to assist you with disaster recovery at any time. We will even assist you with recovering from on-site backups.