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Since we moved our servers to the managed cloud services at Nebula we stopped worrying about our server infrastructure and connectivity, we are now focused only on our services and applications. Even our clients noticed that we can now dedicate all of our attention to our core business and provide the best possible service.

Toni Bachvarovski, CEO at Gordian Technology

Why Nebula?

Nebula offers cloud consulting expertise to companies that want to ensure security, increase scalability and save costs. Opting for Nebula Cloud Consulting gives us the opportunity to analyze your current systems and requirements, and based on the results, we will help you find the most efficient cloud-based solutions.

We love assisting companies that want to grow and secure their online presence.

Know what is best for your company - empower your business and obtain maximum value! We will take you on the journey to refine your company’s workflow, save costs, and ensure flexibility.

Dive into the opportunities of the future and make the first move towards improving your business today!

We know your priorities

Dive into the opportunities of the future and make the first move towards improving your business today!

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DevOps outsourcing

Our devoted DevOps teams will design, implement and manage your cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of workflows. All with 24/7 support, monitoring and maintenance.

Cloud Services

Our custom cloud-native development services will help you develop a highly stable and performing Cloud-native application. Nebula helps you establish innovation, speed, and efficiency, making the process of migrating existing workloads to the cloud, less of a challenge.

Machine learning and data analysis

Gain insight and transform it into business value. Our services include acquiring, processing, and analyzing all the data you need to attain overall potential.

Ready to dive in? We know your priorities.


Cloud Consulting and services

We provide DevOps services and outsourcing to help your teams collaborate, coordinate, improve their responsiveness to customer needs, and achieve business goals faster.

  • DevOps outsourcing
  • Managed Cloud Services & Solutions
  • Incident management
  • Security audits
  • Technical support (Tier 0, 1 and 2)
  • Container orchestration - Docker and Kubernetes
  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Application infrastructure management
  • Public Cloud management
  • Hybrid and private cloud management

“We have been using Nebula's DevOps services for more than a year and they have been a valuable partner of our company. Our development teams can focus on developing the best possible applications while Nebula takes care of everything else.”

Boban Milosavleski
CEO, Altius.mk

Future proof

Cloud - native Web development

Accelerate digital innovation and get better business results through Nebula’s Cloud-Native Web Development services. Introduce your company to the newest technologies and pragmatic strategies while cutting costs.

  • Tech Stack modernization
  • Web development
  • Machine learning
  • Data analysis
  • Legacy to cloud migration
  • Flexible and scalable applications
  • Research & Development (RnD)
  • Database modeling and engineering
  • Vendor-independency
  • Project planning

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Accelerate digital innovation and get better business results through Nebula.